"Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results!"

Our mission is to offer a cost effective alternative to surgery. We work closely with our clients offering nutritional and fitness advice, videos and eBooks to optimise clinical treatments. The Health Aura brand caters for both men and women specialising in detoxing the body and fat loss.

Are you just curious or are you looking for genuine results?

Here in the heart of London, we’ve joined the revolution and we are changing lives everyday by catering to patients who would rather avoid going under the knife.
Non-surgical treatments give you the safest and fastest way to achieve your ultimate body goals. We work to sculpt your curves and eradicate those annoying stubborn fat areas. Using the latest non-surgical and non-invasive techniques, our fully qualified and insured medical team work with you closely to achieve your body goals without the risk and cost of surgery.

So what exactly is a Non-Surgical treatment?

We do not physically cut you open to achieve fat loss!
The video below is an example of our popular fat freezing treatment and how it works.

But what treatment do I book?

We specialise in 4 main treatments:

Fat Freezing - Permanently reduces fat cells every 4-8 weeks.
Ultrasonic Cavitation - A weekly sculpting treatment which melts fat cells.
Laser Lipolysis - A weekly treatment which empties the contents of fat cells.
Radio-frequency Skin Tightening - A weekly treatment which tightens loose skin.

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