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Flatulence Digestive Health eBook

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Excessive flatulence is defined as passing gas more than 20 times per a day. Flatulence or intestinal gas is expelled through the anus often accompanied by a sound and at times odor when released by the body. The primary components of the odorless gases are; hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen and methane. However, the characteristic smelly odour is attributed to trace gases such as skatole, indole and sulphur-containing compounds. An estimated 30-150 grams of undigested food reaches the colon in the form of carbohydrates everyday. But this amount can vary with diet and how well the gastrointestinal tract is functioning. Additionally, swallowed air (aerophagia) may also occur with improper swallowing while eating or even inconsiderate swallowing of air out of habit. Another major cause may be due to lactose intolerance (decreased ability to digest lactose a natural sugar found in milk).

 The aim of the Health Aura Flatulence plan is to optimise your digestive system. The following plan includes in depth knowledge on:

  • A scientific overview of Diarrhea  
  • Common triggers to avoid
  • Healing foods and drinks to try 
  • Tailored supplementation 
  • Lifestyle tips in fighting Diarrhea