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Constipation Digestive Health eBook

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Constipation may be defined as infrequent or incomplete bowel movements often characterized by stools which are hard, dry and difficult to pass due to slow transit time throught the GI tract. The normal range for bowel movements should be one to three times per day. The thinking here is that three bowel movements would be ideal as we generally eat three meals a day. There are manuy possible causes to constipation ranging from simple to complex. Among them are; insuffecient fibre in diet, execessive use of laxatives (which can damage nerve cells in the bowel, interfering with its ability to contact), pregnancy (hormonal and mechanical changes), travel (changing time zones especially), lack of exercise, ignoring the urge to defecate, extreme stress/depression, dehydration (water needed to provide bulk to stools), magnesium deficiency and loss of body salts through vomiting or diarrhea (or from taking diuretics). 


The aim of the Health Aura constipation plan is to optimise your digestive system essentially to improve bowel regularity. The following plan includes in depth knowledge on:

  • A scientific overview of constipation 
  • Common triggers to avoid
  • Healing foods and drinks to try 
  • Tailored supplementation 
  • Lifestyle tips in fighting constipation