Get Involved

We are constantly expanding! Here at Health Aura, we encourage writers or bloggers, amateur or otherwise, to submit their articles or blogs to us to be read by one of our editors.  If the article or blog is deemed appropriate it will then be published with full credit given to you (your name will be published alongside the article). The new fresh faces are here to bolster our team and support our continued growth, whilst providing you with new, exciting prospects for your online presence. We’re incredibly excited about the future and our growing team is just another example of how we plan to continue to be at the forefront of health and wellness.
We are also keen columnists and feature writers, so do contact us as we would be delighted to comment or write for you! Please email us directly at or via the contact page below for any media content, feature writing or if you would like to discuss working together and collaborations.
So if you think you have what it takes to write an article or blog for Health Aura we would love to hear from you. Send us your article/blog (including a headline if you have thought of one) along with your contact details through our contact box below or to: Please note we will reply to all candidates whether you are successful or not so please get in touch! 

Good luck!